5 top tips to boost your Facebook followers organically without spending a cent

It seems like the only logical way to grow your followers on the juggernaut that is Facebook is to splash some cash around.
Surprisingly, you can achieve organic growth by doing a few simple things that don’t cost a cent.
Smart marketers know the tried and true ways to make this happen and I’m going to share some of them with you.
1. This one is simple- ask your family and friends (on or off Facebook) to like your page. The average Facebook user has 200 friends. The multiplier effect goes to work and you are on your way.
2. This is an easy one- simply add an email link to your Facebook page. Make sure it is a hyper-link to your page.
3. Create a Facebook live video. The Facebook algorithm preferences live videos above likes and comments. It doesn’t need to be fancy- just a quick 5 minute grab with your ‘elevator pitch’ about your business.
4. Use proven techniques such as posting an image with a ‘caption this’ title. A quick search on Facebook will find posts that have been popular in the past. If you use a free tool like Canva you can also create your own professional looking posts and use any of their free images- #winning
5. Work out your ‘buyer persona’ and target Facebook groups that match your target group. This follows the ‘fish where the fish are’ principle.

There are many more ways to increase organic growth but implementing these five is a great start.

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